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Brunch Babes: 5 Tips To Creating A Brunch Squad

Hey ladies, you ever call up your girlfriend(s) and say “hey girl you wanna do brunch” and she says “yessss” and then you sit around for hours trying to find a place? Or do you look on Instagram to see other  girls at all the popping brunch spots and wonder why you and your girls stay going to the same spot?  Or are you the girl who has no squad at all and sit in the house calling up your friends begging them to go have a mimosa with you?

Well even for me as a food blogger, I have come across these same issues. Not everyone is like me, however I am going to help you out. I have come up with some pretty great tips to help you create your brunch tribe so you can get to clinking those champagne glasses.

Now remember This is a fun guide is to help create the best brunch squad ever. If you use these steps and tips the right way, you and your squad will conquer the city and every season!


Any great group has a leader  who is great at organizing + strategizing and of course planning. Pick the friend who is great at making reservations and sending out group text with the deets.

*Don’t be the salty group of girls who walk in the restaurant all excited to eat. Only to leave with egg on your face because you didn’t make reservations at the restaurant yall have been dying to try*

You Tried It!

Also this person should also have an amazing palette. This will help to discover restaurants with a variety of options and different cuisines you may not have tried before. *Don’t pick the friend who ONLY orders French Toast at every restaurant*


You have to be willing to try new places, which means you may have to travel out of your comfort zone for some bomb ass food. Some neighborhoods are better than others when it comes to yummy choices.

*So don’t pick the friends who never wants to go Downtown, or the friends who always asking about parking*

Girl catch a Uber /Lyft and go get you brunch & boozy on. You will thank me later

Also don’t pick the friends who complains about everything on the menu. Picky eaters are the absolute worse and need to be kept in their on annoying bubble… No one has time for her to be disputing the bill because she didn’t enjoy WHAT SHE ORDERED… as usual.


Listen hear baby sis. It’s called BRUNCH for a reason Breakfast & Lunch for those who didn’t know. Which means it starts around 9 am and ends around 3pm or 4pm. Some restaurants may start even earlier than that. Don’t you dare call up your friends at 12 or 1pm talking about lets do brunch. YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE AT THE RESTAURANT! or at least on your way.

*Don’t pick the friends who don’t know how to Get Up for the Turn Up… brunch style of course*

The weekends are usually the days that restaurant are booked and busy so you may end up waiting a long time for a table. Especially if you didn’t make RESERVATIONS in advance. So your fab brunch plans could turn into some early dinner plans.

Late brunchers be gone!


GO TO GOLDEN CORAL with your table of 10.  No one has time to be waiting all day for a huge table so everyone can sit together.

The tribe should be kept small . I would say 5 is the max. That means it you won’t wait too long for a table, and the food will come out in a timely matter. It’s nothing worse than waiting for everyone’s food to come out because it’s so many people.

Keep it small and cute!

TIP 5: No Broke Brunchers

Please and I beg of you. Please don’t let the broke friend in your group. She will not have enough for the tip and she will only pay for what she ordered excluding tax. We don’t have time for that. Now I know we not all rolling in coins; I too have had a moment of ” I have enough for a round trip Uber, brunch and a mimosa or two” depending on the place .

I am talking about the friend yall know don’t ever have money and always shouting out the price next to the entree.

*The friend who can’t believe they have to pay $12 for french toast”

STAY HOME! or Mcdonalds keep that ALL DAY breakfast menu popping just for you.

Well ladies I hope with these tips you are able to now get your brunch on and popping with the best of us!

Any questions about some spots . Shoot me an email or DM on IG @thejuicewithjae

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