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Cocktails & Cuisines: Menu Preview @ Co-Op Restaurant & Lounge In University City

The Co-Op_Thejuicewithjae

University City has introduced a new restaurant to the neighborhood and is giving some major downtown center city vibes. CO-Op Restaurant & Lounge opened a few months ago and I am so excited I had a chance to visit and sample a few menu selections. Whats so cool and cute about this new restaurant is the fact that it is also attached to the brand new boutique hotel “The Study”. If you know anything about University City it is a new building is always popping up and the neighborhood continues to become one of the most business oriented areas with schools like Drexel and University of Pennsylvania aligning the streets.

Well the Co-Op and its adjoining neighbor The Study sits smack dab right on the corner of 33rd and Chestnut which shares plenty of walking distance between both universities.Which is a plus for students and professors a chance to grab something to eat during class breaks or after class happy hour.

The Co-Op_Thejuicewithjae

The Co-Op_Thejuicewithjae

The lobby area of “The Study” boutique Hotel

Over in the Co -Op was super relaxing but very chic at the same time , the bar and the main eating area was very cozy. The restaurant & lounge is perfect for a nice dinner or a quick bite to eat. The best part about it is the patio section which is perfect now that the sun has decided to arrive and join us for the season. It’s nothing better than outside seating a few good cocktails .

The Co-Op_Thejuicewithjae

The bar area of The Co- Op

During my visit bloggers and influencers had a chance to mingle, take pics and smack lips on some of the yummy appetizers and entree’s that was prepared by Chef Craig Russell. The ambiance of the restaurant is so super chill it is definitely a place you can find your self visit more than once. I was really excited to see what was in store for us for the evening.

Specality cocktails were crafted for our enjoyment and an assortment of red and white wine aligned the tables for guest to indulge. I had recently checked out the menu before arriving so I had an idea that seafood might be on the menu so I opted for a glass of Savigon Blanc as my go to option for the evening.

The Co-Op isn’t your typical chicken wings and fries joint, yet the modern space serves classic american seasonal dishes with plenty of seafood options, vegetarian, rotisserie and grass-fed burgers.

The Co-Op_TheJuiceWithJae

Potato Bread w| Warm Ricotta | Spinach

The warm Ricotta & Spinach was a appetizer served to guest was paired with Potato Bread. The dip paired with soft potato bread which was very soft and sweet made for a really nice combination, especially since most places pair it with some type of chips. I could have enjoyed the dip with less lemon zest, it gave a bit of a cake taste but yet still good.

The Co-Op_TheJuiceWithJae

Cauliflower Dukka w| Pistachio | Fennel | Sesame | Cipollini

This dish was one of the vegetarian options Chef Craig Russell offers on the menu, I didn’t get a chance to sample this dish, but everyone scraped the plate so I assumed it was good and tasty. I’m a lover of cauliflower and anything paired with salsa verde so hopefully I will give that a try during my next visit.

The Co-Op_TheJuiceWithJae

Maryland Crab Tartine | Gribiche Sauce | Sour Dough | Vaudovan Spice

The Maryland Crab Tartine was probably my favorite bite for the night. Im a sucker for blue crab and dived fork first when this option hit the table. That Sourdough Bread and Gribiche sauce was a major hit paired together. I love when the crab is fully on display for your tastebuds to grab first and this appetizer did the job.

The Co-Op_TheJuiceWithJae

The Blue Crab Fetuccini was a beautiful pasta dish that was also another tasty option. I love pasta and anytime I can get a chance to indulge I will. The funny thing about this dish is that the noodle was actually one very long noodle that had to be broken up without taken the entire thing (which I almost did ). I didn’t get chance to grab any crab but the noodles were very good and hearty.

The Co-Op_TheJuiceWithJae

Whats a menu without some good ole chicken. The Rotissere chicken was cooked just the way I like seasoned to perfection on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. I just want to know if I am the only one who really enjoys the skin on the chicken? It was soooo good. Just hand me a plate of Rotissere Chicken skin and I’m sold!


One thing for sure The Co-Op does not disappoint with the seafood, I highly encourage you to order the Mahi Mahi entree… its definitely a fishy fish but doesn’t overpower your taste buds, its very flavorful and the sear was just perfect. That was actually my first time trying couscous (i know where have I been) but I truly enjoyed the pairing.

I had an awesome night, chatting and sipping with some amazing bloggers and influencers. If you are in the University City area or just in the mood for a great atmosphere and menu, head to Co-Op and enjoy some great scenery and food.

The Co- Op

Location:20 S 33rd St #1, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Telephone: (215) 398-1874

Images by Me

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