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Convos & Kupcakes: Q&A w/Dessert Connoisseur Aneesah Smith Ward

I love when I get to meet ladies who hold the same passions as me,which are the love for food and helping other people. I had the pleasure of witnessing both of those passions during my  attendance at the Dessert & Food Expo here in Philadelphia. The event was created by Pastry Chef Annesah Smith Ward who is the creator and owner of The Kupcake Bar. It was beyond a food lovers dream.

Lovers of desserts and more were able to meet and eat a variety of delicious desserts and cuisines from various African American Chefs, and Bakers from around the city of brotherly love. The event took place at The Old Pine Community Center on Locust Street in downtown Center City.The event bought out over 100 people to the Community Center and it was a joy to watch people line up to indulge in yummy eats, specialty cocktails, pies, cakes and more.  During my time at the event, I couldn’t wait to chat with Annesah to find out the inspiration behind creating such an impactful event in Philadelphia, and plans for the future.

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What is The Kupcake Bar:

AW: The Kupcake Bar is a mobile cupcake shop specializing in alcohol infused cupcakes. We are also the creators and host of “Bake & Sip” which are private BYOB baking parties where I teach the guest how to bake with alcohol. We also teach children decorating classes and show how to create personal orders.

What is one of your favorite Cupckaes:

AW: I am not a Whiskey girl, but my new favorite cupcake is my Crown Royal Apple Pie Cupcake. It is made with apple pie crust, apples infused with Crown Royal , spiced caked topped with crumbs, and my very own crown royal Cream Cheese icing with drizzle and a shot of Crown Royal. That is life in one bite!

What was your first Cupcake Fail?

AW: My butter cupcakes. They are really hard, because they are made with butter and not oil and if you dont get it can explode. My current Chicken & Waffles Cupcake is a Butter Cupcake.

What was the inspiration behind The Food & Dessert Expo:

AW:I was inspired to unite food and other people like me who are doing food and baking and being able to showcase them, and help the grow their business.

What was the easiest part of putting the event together: 

AW:The ticket sales! People are just showing up and out. We didnt have to do alot to sale the tickets. I am just so appreciative of the attendees who showed up to support us.

What was the hardest part of putting the event together:

AW:People not showing up and following through. It’s the nature of the business especially small businesses like myself  and that is the whole point of creating this expo because I really wanted to figure out how I could help people get their business out into the open.

What are the next phases of the Expo:

AW: We are definitely expanding, we were in Baltimore Md last July and we are hoping to go to another state sometime this year and continue to grow by visiting a new each year.

Give me one piece of advice /inspiration that you live by:

AW: In order for the arrow to be shot the furthest it has to be pulled back the hardest so all the obstacles you endure are for the road you are about to travel.

Check Out More Pics from The Event

Photos By: The Juice With Jae

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