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Foodie In The City: 3 Places To Dine At in Chicago

I love going to new cities and filling my belly up until i can’t stuff it anymore, and thats exactly what I did during my weekend in Chicago. Already knowing that Chicago is known for being a foodie city I couldn’t wait to feats on whatever presented itself in front of me. During my stay in Chicago my best friend had no problem taking me around to some of the great eateries in the city. Check out my list below

For those who read this blog, please know that I am a lover of all things comfort food so all I wanted was some delicious pizza, the best burgers, cocktails and much more.


Known as one of Chicago staple for deep dish pizza, this place definitely was super good. Topped with Pepperoni, sausage and bacon I couldn’t wait to dive in and see what all the talk was about. Just for an FYI it takes 40 minutes to prepare a deep dish so you definitely will need to order some appetizers if your are super hungry. Aniother good thing to know is that you do not need to order a huge pizza. The pizza pictured above feeds 2-4 people and one slice honestly was enough. The pizza is super thick from the crust to the deepness of the pizza. The toppings and amounts of cheese will sure fill you up.

Ja’Grill | Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

This cute little restaurant was filled with super cool caribbean vibes and delicious food and drinks. If you are visiting during the week I encourage you take advantage of the Happy Hour specials. The kitchen definitely doesn’t hold back on the spice, the jerk ribs are definitely a must order along with the lamb chops.

Jerk Ribs

Honey Jerk Wings

Miss Ricky’s

Miss Ricky’s was the super duper cute restaurant in downtown Chicago. The decor alone makes you want to stop in and see what this posh restaurant has to offer. With outside swings attached to tables for seating, this restaurant definitely brings some fun to the dining experience. With traditional dishes from burgers to chicken and waffles, Miss Ricky’s is a cool place to

Classic House Margaritas | Sugar Rim

Pulled Carnitas Nachos

If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city. Check out these amazing restaurants. What are some of your fave places to dine?

Images By Me

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