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Foodie In The City: Taste 4 Travel By Chef Jacquie

The beautiful and hungry ladies of Chef Jacquie Taste 4 Travel tour

Hey ladies if you are looking for a fun way to get with girls and enjoy a day out in the city, try something new and take a food tour. Super cool way to add something different to the usual outings. Think about it, your already meeting up for food and drinks anyway, why not make it educational and explore the city for new places to visit.

Last week I had the most tasty experience during the Taste 4 Travel Food Tour. I had the opportunity to cover the Taste 4 Travel with Chef Jacquie Kelly. During the tour I and 6 other amazing ladies were entertained, educated, and indulged in an fun and yummy  culinary experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to embark on this yummy journey you are in for a treat, literally. Taste 4 Travel is a multi section city food tour hosted by renowned Chef Jacquie. Through this tour guest are engulfed in amazing taste of Philadelphia. Chef Jacquie combines her love and knowledge for food and gives tourist a fun and tasty history lesson one cocktail and cuisine at a time.

If you are looking for an experience Chef Jacquie Taste 4 Travel Food tour is a treat within itself.  I joined in on the East Passyunk Avenue Food Tour which a section in South Philadelphia and an area filled with blocks of yummy restaurants and cafes. During this tour attendees had the pleasure of exploring 3 signature restaurants that all told their own story, their own theme, and a variety of menus.

Pictures from Chef Jacquie Taste 4 Travel at Noir Restaurant

I think this tour is perfect for a girls night  or day out. So much fun to just chat and enjoy amazing food and treats. What better way to catch up and or meet people than around a table of belly busting foods lol.

Along the stops we had a pleasure of dining at the Malaysian themed Sate Kampar, Noir Restaurant & Bar, and Victor Cafe.

Noir Restaurant & Bar we enjoyed belly filling Poutine and a savory plate of Mt. Royale Chicken which was accompanied by a nice crisp glass of white wine. A great history lesson on the difference between the Italian lingo of “gravy” vs. “sauce”.

Sate Kampar featured delicious chicken skewers appetizers with a savory peanut sauce for drizzling or dipping. And also a super cool pulled tea demo. I am not a super fan of tea put that tea was amazing. Learning the history of why they use the pulled tea and the nutritional value of the pulled tea was very enlightening, Honestly I would stop pass Sate Kampar for just a cup of tea.  At first glance you would think it was coffee with all the fixins, but nope it is good ole pulled black tea.

Di Stefano’s Victor Cafe this historic cafe was filled with amazing gems to explore. From the history of the infamous Rocky Balboa movie connection, to the live music bonus. Victor Cafe never gets old, only better. During this last stop which I consider the best treat we enjoyed cups of coffee and cannoli and our very own Opera Singer. It is true to its name, a true music lovers place.

Check out the stops below, along with pictures and information about the restaurant and tasty treats

Stop One: Sate Kampar w/ Chef Ange

Classic Malay-style sate served with peanut sauce and cucumbers

Teh Tarik- (Pulled Milk Tea)

Nasilemak Bungkus: Essentially a fragrant flavorful, magical packet of awesomeness

Coconut cream-soaked rice topped with sambal, roasted peanuts, crispy anchovies, and hard-boiled egg, all neatly wrapped in a fresh banana leaf.

Montreal Poutine

French fries, smoked meat, squeaky cheese, brown gravy.

“Gravy” vs. “Sauce” Lesson

Chef Jackie breaking down the difference between “gravy” vs. “sauce”

Mt. Royale Chicken

Artichokes, tomato, shrimp, garlic, white wine.

3rd Stop: Upstairs at Victor Cafe

Black Coffee


Locations of Restaurants

Sate Kampar: 1837 E. Passyunk Ave. Tele: (267) 324-3860

Noir Restaurant & Bar: 1909 E. Passyunk Ave. Tele: (267) 319-1678

Victor Cafe: 1303 Dickinson Street 

For more info to join and book a tour with Chef Jacquie visit Taste4travel.

Photos by Me

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