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Greedy In The City X ShopRite Sip & Sample

Happy New Year Ladies!!!

This past holiday season has been one for the books! And what better way to end 2019 than with a collaboration with an awesome brand like ShopRite Stores. Here in Philadelphia ShopRite is one of the main grocery stores in the city, they have over 150 store in other surrounding states but the definitely occupy majority of Philadelphia.

All the stores are family owned and operated and I have had the pleasure to partner with The Brown Family ShopRite. Elated for the opportunity to bring Greedy In The City events to their stores in beyond the best Christmas gift I received for 2019.

As some of my readers may know Greedy In The City is all about exposing women to an intimate dining experience. Through that dining experience I connect you by introducing you to new and different dining atmospheres. During these experiences we connect and bond over cuisines and cocktails.

Greedy In The City & Brown’s ShopRite has decided to bring that experience to both my audience and there neighborhood shoppers. Through this series we will introduce and spotlight The Brown’s Chef Market which is the hot food section of the store, not only is the food presented in the store but it is also available for your catering needs. through this experience diners get to enjoy and learn about all the amenities and food options The Brown’s Chef Market has to offer.

On 12/19/19 I had the pleasure of creating a Holiday Soiree featuring selections from The Brown’s Chef Market and Beer & Wine Garden. The ladies were able to sample and sip on some of the most popular items offered at The Fox Street Location and we paired a selected wine with each menu tasting.

Check Out What My Ladies Enjoyed.

I want to give a special thanks to Brown's Chef Market & Brown ShopRite for hosting such an amazing night for me and my ladies.

If you are interested in joining one of these exclusive dining events please subscribe to my email list to be the first to know about the upcoming events.

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