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Sip On This: Personal Post

Hey Girl!!!

So I have been literally typing and erasing this post like crazy. I even deleted a whole 4 paragraphs because I was like Nah you saying too much. Then I was like maybe you should do a video but then I was like nah you gonna be worried about your appearance. Just keep typing.

The truth is ever since COVID bought its raggedy ass around I have been on a crazy roller coaster of emotions. From cancelling one of my biggest events for Greedy In The City, to figuring out how I was gonna make refunds to 40 women and then to top it off , What was I gonna do about my business?. That was a lot to think about and the way my mind works I was thinking about all of this at the same time.

So yes I cried. I was soooo confused I had made some serious leaps in faith and was putting all my eggs into my business. Now I had to figure out a bunch of moves and couldn't really get any advice because the entire world was in the same predicament.

I had moments that were very up and down. I went from feeling a sense of doubt and embarrassment, to then feeling super optimistic about everything. Doing business and balancing your own personal life is enough, adding a global pandemic on top was some next level ish. I really didn't know what to do.

So here we are 4 months later... The world is slowly opening back up and I am trying to join the "get your ish together" club. I miss being a part of the fun, I miss my Greedy Girl Community and I really miss connecting. But to be honest I had to really do some deep work. What was holding me back from doing these things... I am a smart girl. What was the problem?

This pandemic really made me come to terms with so much. Life changes in a blink of an eye and waits for no one. I have been sitting in so much fear of the unknown that it was what made me a bonafide procrastinator. In my head I just wanted everything so PERFECT. Nope, I was being a scaredy cat. Because I didnt want to be judged for doing what came so natural.

So I figured out some bomb ass things about myself that go hand in hand with my business.

1. I am a CREATIVE: so im senistive about my shit... thats why I can't just do what everyone else is doing (picnics, virtual events) My mind works differently and I have some other bomb ish cooking in the kitchen. I love to brainstorm, creating projects are so fun to me. Out of the box thinking is my greatest joy.

2. I love a SISTERHOOD: I love being a women, and I love love love being surrounded by other dope ass women. I love me a SOPHISTA-RATCHET chick. You know the girl who can quote DMX "what these bishes want" and then give me their serious opinion on Global Warming. (cus I feel like the earth is going to take us out)...

No seriously Greedy In The City was created so I could connect with women. I have a huge appreciation for a sister circle. GITC is just not about eating, its also about elevation in all facets.

3. I love to ENTERTAIN: I love hosting guest and creating a vibe. Food & Music are my loves I am one happy camper when those two are present. Then put me in the company of some awesome people and we got a real party. I truly love people and really relish in girl time.

4. I love being SPIRITUAL: Prayer is awesome. God is the only reason I am as amazing as I am. I have been blessed with so many talents and skills that has offered me the opportunity to live a very fruitful life. I truly believe in the power of being faithful and believing. The power of the universe is real and I fully intend to speak into and over my entire life.

But I have been very disobedient as well by not keeping my faith first. Thats why I am writing this post to push past my fears and get ish popping like I know I can. And honor God by acting on his instructions .

5. I am COOL AF! : No seriously sometimes I really be downplaying myself and the truth is im cool af. I have an awesome ass group of friends who wish to see me win every single day. I have a family that loves me unconditionally. They pump me up every day and shower me with so much love and support. I have a business that has the greatest potential of being successful. I get to really enjoy life and have some amazing skills that need to be unleashed.

These great qualities about myself is what makes me who I am. These traits are what gives Greedy In The City its pizazz. Its these very traits that will propel me forward at all times.

I am writing this to say no longer can we sit around looking for the next moment. There may not be one. I had to look deep inside and figure out what do I have right now that will help me move forward. What can I do ... The answer was to use what God already naturally instilled in me. It doesn't take a degree, money, or products to be your authentic self.

I am learning to Just Do It and fix it up and make it pretty later.

I am excited to share this new journey with you.

So with that being Said here are some additional cool facts about me...

Don't Tell Mom The BabySitter's Dead is one of my fave movies I love a good season of Married At First Sight,

Burgers are my go to order at most restaurants

I love Cracker Barrel (even though the decor gives me plantation vibes)

I looooooove to Cook... im low key a grill master

Tequila Over Vodka

I only own like 4 pairs of jeans

I think dating sites are fun (but Covid got that thing poppin like the party line, so I deleted my profile)

I been watching Moesha on Netflix (I think she is a trash ass friend)

Jhene Aiko and Meg The Stallion Give Me Balance

New Orleans is my fave destination spot

I plan to keep working on the Greedy Girl Community and I invite you all in to watch the journey. Let's grow together.

What have you learned about yourself?

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