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Juicy Jae: Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Recap

I have been on a serious roll this Restaurant Week, and every restaurant I have had the pleasure of visiting has been amaaazing!!!!! So lets keep this party rolling with my delicious recap of Chima Brazilian Steakhouse.

Me and my girlfriend decided that it would be a great idea to catch up and have lunch since she moved back to Philly for an awesome new job. And boy oh boy did Chima hit the spot. The decor was super nice and elegant I truly regretted wearing jeans even though their isn’t a dress code.

What I thought was super cool and smart was that the gourmet salad bar was included in the menu, you could go up there as many times as you wanted and not only did they have a variety of salads to choose from they had some sides as well that you were able to pair with your meat like black beans and white rice, vegetable rice, and soup. (sorry i forgot to take my phone with me for pics ugh!)

At the table they had this amazing warm Cheese Bread which we devoured as if we never had bread before.

Here’s the Turkey Spread… that kinda taste like veggie spread but either way my girlfriend loved it… i just stuck with bread by itself.

My girlfriend ordered us a nice bottle of  Washington Hill Riesling which I think paired well with our steak orders.

I went ahead and ordered the Top Sirloin which I had prepared Medium… I like to see blood (if your saying eww i need your taste buds to grow up immediately).

The steak was bit tuff when i was trying to slice through it, but it was super tender once it met my teeth lol… I really enjoyed it and it was very thick cut so I was very full after eating the steak along with the sides from the salad bar.

I did order dessert which I had boxed up so I could take it home, I had no room for cake and I was super sleepy after eating. I needed to make a mad dash for the door so I could go home and succumb to a food induced coma.

I went during lunch time, but I have heard that the dinner is insane… they continue to bring you meat until you say stop (drops jaw). I will recap the next visit, because it must go down.

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

Location:1901 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 525-3233

Photo Credit: Me & My Android (Samsung Galaxy Note5)

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