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Juicy Jae: In Riva Restaurant Review

With the weather breaking it sure calls for alot of outside chatting and chewing. This past weekend me and favorite dining buddy made a visit to a restauarnt named In Riva in the East Falls section of Philadelphia.The funny thing is I have passed this restaurant a ton of times and always said to myself that I would like to give a try and I am so happy I did because the food, ambiance, and service was awesome.

The restaurant is a cute cozy wood oven pizzeria spot accompanied by italian dishes located adjacent to the highway so its in a really cool spot because it gets plenty of sidecar traffic like me and my girlfriend. Anyway the weather has been breaking so it definitely called to sit out on the patio and enjoy the crisp air and beautiful scenery that the night had to offer…

After chatting with our waitress who was super nice and professional we went ahead and ordered a few things on the menu because we couldnt make up our greedy mind. We spotted on the menu that you could order 3 pasta dishes for $36 so we picked that option and decided to split a Margherita pizza…

 First Pasta Dish: Our pasta dish which is picture below was called Malfade ( which is the name of the actual noodle) included chicken meatballs that were to die for and chile and truffles.

Second Pasta Dish: The second pasta dish we shared was called Cappellacci which included Crab, Saffron, and Rock Shrimp and let me tell you that sauce was something to enjoy.

Third Pasta Dish: The Tortelloni was our final pasta dish that came in a chicken broth, truffled ricotta, and pesto and it was an aquired taste for me but the ricotta added a nice touch to it plus I love pesto.

Finally we enjoyed a delicious brick oven Margherita Pizza... OMG! its something about a brick oven pizza that calls for you to slap ya mama because it so darn delicious. I would love to try all the the other toppings because that Margherita pizza was everything I could dream of so of course the other pizzas should be the same.

I will definitely be back for more pizza and I noticed that they have happy hour as well so its a must that I return

In Riva

Location: 4116 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Telephone:(215) 438-4848

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