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Juicy Jae: Route 23 Cafe Review


Hey everyone, I noticed that I have been out and about munching around town but haven’t posted any places I been to. Well after much instagram drooling and liking of photos I finally stopped by Route 23 Cafe in North Philly. I’m so happy I was super hungry that day because Chef Alan who is also the owner did not disappoint. The place is a quaint little cafe on the corner of the block and has inside seating if you would like to sit down and eat your food. I really wouldn’t consider it a eat-in restaurant because they don’t have a wait staff or dine-in plates but nonetheless there is seating.

The menu features delicious items that range from chicken quesadillas, salmon cheesesteaks, surf and turf burgers w/ crab meat and more… They also serve an assortment of natural fruit juices and banana puddings and cakes. The price points are very reasonable especially since he serves seafood. You will definitely be happy with spending your money on quality food and not junk.

Luckily when I decided to make my visit the Chef was there for the day and my food was so amazingly good, oh and the portions were huge. Now let me just sat I love to support black but I find it to be a bonus when the service and food matches across the board.

I also had a chance to meet and chat with the owner for a few minutes and he let me know which item on the menu were his favorite and he said that he loves the burgers… Now I’m a super sucker for a burger but my girlfriend insisted that I try another item on the menu.

Now lets get to the food…

Salmon Cheeseteak w/ peppers, spinach, cheese sauce

Salmon Cheesesteak topped with peppers, sautéed spinach and cheese sauce.


Vegetable Stir-Fry *super flavorful*



Location: 4102 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140

Telephone: (215) 454-6823

Instagram: @Route23cafe

Cost: $$

Photo Images: Me

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