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Juicy Jae: Spice 28 Restaurant Recap

So every season Philly rolls out my fave event at the top of the year which is Restaurant Week. And yes I called it an event (judge your grandmother), and it features all of the top restaurants throughout  Centercity. What’s so cool about this week is that you get to choose between lunch or dinner and it features an entire 3 course meal for only $20 (Lunch) $35 (Dinner).

If your lucky you may luck up on a restaurant that may even do a 4 -5 course meal. So of course I was that lucky girl who had the honor of enjoying a 4 course meal when I decided to try  the chic Asian restaurant Spice 28 (insert happy dance…preferably the butterfly)!

So me and my girlfriend usually participate every season and its actually something we look forward to doing because some of the restaurants are high in price and if your like me and on a super budget then you too would probably jump at the chance of these cool restaurants. Plus its cool to try something new. Spice 28 is definitely on my list of go to’s for happy hour and dinner or lunch.

I know, you want to get to the food right…. here you go.

As I stated it was 4 courses so I started with a starter which was a Blue Crab Avocado Salad with balsamic Vingarette which was super tasty I loved how they put the crab meat inside of the avocado.


My girlfriend had the Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp

On to the Appetizer… I decided to go with the Dragonfly Shrimp in a spicy mayo

My girlfriend tried the Soft-Shell Blue Crab topped with red and green peppers which was everything it was so crunchy and full of flavor… I highly recommend this dish.

Sidebar… we are already getting full from just the starters and the appetizers… but the hungry beast in me must go on…

Next was the entrees and there were so many options, but I have been really craving seafood lately so I went for the Tropical Mango Style Shrimp with Jasmine Rice. This dish was full of flavor, the actual mangoes paired super well along with the peppers..

I love peppers and  it added color. And they weren’t stingy with the shrimp so super thumbs up! ( I give restaurants the side eye when they give me small shrimp)

My girlfriend tried this very tasty Pan Seared Salmon dish with sautéed spinach and this tasty  Jungle Curry Sauce that you could drizzle over everything and be super happy with your dish. It also came with Jasmine Rice

And of course after swallowing all of these oh so amazing meals down I’m ready to pop… Thats why I wear leggings, so if I’m ever in doubt about giving up a plate I just adjust and keep the party rolling.

On to dessert…

I went with a classic Cheesecake drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream. You can’t go wrong with Cheesecake unless your lactose, but hey pop a pill and continue to indulge.

To sum this up I had an amazing dining experience, service was perfect and the food came out super fast. While scanning the menu i noticed their Happy Hour looked awesome as well.

So give this place a try and let me know what you think.

Spice 28

Location:1228 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,Pa 19107

Phone: (215) 998-8880


Photo Credit: Me & My Android (Samsung Galaxy Note5)

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