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Juicy Review: Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Atlantic City NJ


Hey Foodies! Over the weekend a friend and  I had a chance to finally experience the ultimate foodie fantasy. We traveled to Atlantic City New Jersey to enjoy Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill AC and it was worth the trip. Located in Caesars Palace on the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill sits directly next to the casino in the midst of the lights and action.

Inside the Pub & Grill I couldn’t wait to be seated and grab a menu. I had already checked out the menu options before making my trip so I knew exactly what my tastebuds would be yearning for. Filled with so many options from Calamari, lobster rolls, deviled eggs and more I had to make sure my hunger didn’t fail me and stomach was bigger than my eyes for the special night.

After carefully looking over the menu and zoning in on our options, my friend and I placed our orders and prepared to be deliciously blown away.

Since I am a major fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed when it came to presentation and taste of the dishes that we ordered. The staff was very knowledgeable about the dishes that we asked for and the speedy service was definitely the highlight. Its nothing worse than having to wait forever for appetizers, and at the restaurant there was nothing to be upset about.

Check out what we ordered…


MOLASSES & BROWN ALE GLAZED WINGS | Green Apple, Jalapeño| Crumbled Stilton Blue| Green Onion

Omg! These wings were finger-licking good. The sauce on these wings was just perfect, not too saucy, not overpowering and the crumbled Stilton Blue topped the taste off. My mouth is watering just talking about them again. Don’t you dare grab napkins after eating these, I need you to lick off every spec of that sauce.


Crispy Belly


CRISPY “BELLY”| 48-Hour Slow-Cooked Pork Belly| Cardamom Carrot Purée| Cider-Honey Glaze


My friend decided to order the Crispy “Belly” which was a delicious and juicy 48 hour slow cooked pork belly. If you are a fan of the oink, this appetizer is a must order. The carrot puree was such a great compliment and it was worth every drop.


RAMSAY BURGER|Sirloin Burger | Crispy Lobster| Béarnaise| Arugula| Tomato | Maple- Peppercorn Bacon


Truffle Fries

Words could not express how my tastebuds and tummy truly felt after devouring into the mother load of goodness. The Ramsay Burger topped with crispy lobster and maple peppercorn bacon has totally hit the ceiling for me. The amount of flavor that comes bursting through each bite is almost sinful. I thoroughly enjoyed this burger with a side of crispy truffle fries to match.


My friend ordered the GRILLED LAMB BURGER which was presented at a nice hefty size, and was said to be very flavorful and cooked just right. The added topping complimented the burger very well, and he was fully satisfied with his choice.


GRILLED LAMB BURGER | Caramelized Onion| Tomato Confit| Watercress |Goat Cheese-Feta Spread| Rosemary Brioche Bun

If you are in Atlantic City and looking for a great place to enjoy some delicious food please visit Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. It’s tasty experience everyone should enjoy.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

Location: 2100 Pacific Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Telephone: (609) 348-4411

Images: By Me

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