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Juicy Review: My Visit To Warmdaddy’s Restaurant


Hey my fellow foodies! If you live in Philadelphia then many of you may know and have visited the oh so popular Warmdaddy’s Restaurant. Located in the center city south section of Philadelphia on 1400 S. Columbus Blvd in walking distance of the historic Penns Landing.  I recently had a chance to visit this super warm and cozy restaurant the oozes with southern inspiration, and I was very happy that I decided to stay and dine.

If you are a fan of live music, specifically Jazz then Warmdaddy’s is the place for you. The restaurant has such an intimate ambiance that just makes you feel at home or in a family members dining room waiting for dinner. With items from Skillet Cornbread to Jambalaya you will have all of your tastebud desires met.

I definitely encourage visitors and residents to visit this super nice establishment. If you are looking for a restaurant with great food, music, and people Warmdaddy’s should be incorporated into your nightly schedule. They also serve Sunday Brunch with an extensive buffet that is worth trying.

Check out what I ordered…


Homemade Skillet Cornbread w | Honey Butter

The famous Skillet Cornbread with Honey Butter is definitely a delicious must order and a sharing option for the table. You can eat it alone or let it serve as a yummy side with your entree.


White Peach Sangria

Every Wednesday is “Wine Down Wednesday” at Warmdaddys so you can enjoy 1/2 off on bottles and glasses.


Skillet Mac & Cheese| Blend of four cheeses | Buttery Bread Crumb Toppings

The Skillet Mac & Cheese is an savory dish sold as a appetizer but it could definitely be enjoyed as entree. This dish also comes as a shareable option. This item can also be served with shrimp or crabmeat.



Seafood, Chicken & Spicy Chicken Sausage Jambalaya | shrimp | chicken | turkey andouille | mussels | crabmeat | cajun spice | rice | tomato | red & green bell peppers

The Jambalaya was my menu must order, so full of flavor and very fulfilling. The dish was definitely rich, and full of protein.


Check out their website for more menu options and weekly events!


Location: 400 S. Columbus Blvd. @ Reed Street Philadelphia Pa 19147

Telephone: 215.462.2000

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