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Kitchen Conversations: Q & A With Chef Darlene of Starfusion Restaurant

Chef/ Owner of StarFusion Restaurant @ Chef Darlene

Chef/ Owner of StarFusion Restaurant @ Chef Darlene

Hey everyone! If you had a chance to check out my recent post about my visit to StarFusion Restaurant you would have witnessed that I had an amazing dining experience, While I was there dining and enjoying myself I also had a chance to chat with the Chef/ Owner Darlene Jones about her establishment, her favorite items on the menu and the inspiration behind her cuisines.

Check out our cool Kitchen Conversation

TJWJ: How long has StarFusion been in business?

Chef Darlene: We have been open for a year in a half

TJWJ: Are you happy with how the city of Philadelphia has been responding to Starfusion?

CD: I am overwhelmed I didn’t expect this much success so fast. I’m new to the restaurant industry but I did go to culinary school so I can say that I am very happy about the success.


TJWJ: Was a restaurant always your dream to have?

CD: Since I was five-years-old. I am from New York City and I lived 3 blocks away from the restaurant Sylvia’s and I knew her (Sylvia) as well. So when she was open I used to walk down and talk to her, and at 5 years old I told her that I was going to own a restaurant.

TJWJ: You are a black owned restaurant and sometimes the usual route is a soul food restaurant, why did you choose Asian Infused?

CD: I actually studied in Thailand when I was in culinary school,I am known as “The Dropout Chef”. I did 8 months of culinary school and I did a international training program and one of the study areas was Thailand. I studied Thailand street food and that became one of my passions. I am also of Caribbean descent so my menu is mixed of Asian, Caribbean and American cuisines.

TJWJ: Whats one of your favorite items on the menu?

CD: The Thai Salt & Pepper Shrimp. I actually learned the dish from a street corner almost like a Thai food shack.

TJWJ: You mentioned your inspiration is Thai Street Food, what exactly is Thai Street Food? CD: Thai Street Food would be what we call Food Trucks over here in America . 

TJWJ: What are your future goals for StarFusion Restaurant?

CD: Growth. I plan to open up two more locations in Pennsylvania, and also some other locations like New York, Chicago, DC. I am really looking to become a franchise, that is definitely one of my main goals.

TJWJ: You have traveled all over, what city and state would you say have some of the best cuisines?

CD: To be honest, one of my favorite restaurants is called The Forge in Miami its a top ten restaurant in the U.S., I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chef Bernard who is the Chef at the restaurant who is amazing.

Me & The Head Chef & Cook @ StarFusion Restaurant

Me & The Head Chef & Cook @ StarFusion Restaurant

TJWJ: If today was your last day on earth what would be your top dish to order from your own menu and at any restaurant in the world?

CD: For my last dish at my restaurant I would order the Seafood Mac & Cheese, because I know its going to stick to my ribs and I dont have to worry about counting calories and its one of my favorite dishes on the menu as well. My second choice would be a Stephen Starr Restaurant. I havent had the chance to meet him personally but I did write a paper about him in college, our backgrounds are kind of similar we both use to promote parties. He is a visionarist, so my choice would be a Chilean Sea Bass they use a truffle butter asian style dish so that would be my last meal.

Please make sure you follow @starfusion_restaurant on social media to stay updated on all their amazing dishes.

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