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Kitchen Conversations: Q & A With Social Media Influencers FoodChasers

Follow @foodchasers for more info

Follow @foodchasers for more info

Hey everyone! I know for sure I am not the only one who believes that the internet and social media has opened up so many ways to connect with people. Since I started blogging and using social media specifically Instagram as my marketing I have come in contact with some amazing people.

I decided to feature some super cool people on my site who also share the same  love for all things yummy. So I will be introducing Kitchen Conversations to talk with chefs, foodies, cocktail connoisseurs, and more…

Check out my Q & A with Social Influencers Food Chasers

TJWJ Your business Food Chasers has to be one of my favorite Foodie Directories to use. How did this cool idea began? FC: We always traveled and texted food pictures to our family and friends. Our close friend, Quincy Harris and family members convinced us to open an account on Instagram and share our photos with the world.

TJWJ:  The name Food Chasers literally stands alone, but can anyone be a “food chaser” or do you have to have a certain skill? FC: Anyone can be a FoodChaser, it’s really simple, you find good food and share it.

TJWJ:  Food Chasers has a huge following, did you think the idea would get this big? FC: NO! We had no clue it would get this big. Thousands over people have downloaded our FoodChasers app. We are definitely humbled by this entire journey.

TJWJ: Social media plays a major role in your business, can you name one of your most rewarding opportunities from Social Media? FC: One of the most rewarding was working with Lays potato chip company. We also enjoyed the great dinner series by Dusse cognac, all of their events are top notch.

TJWJ: You two have traveled all over the city and beyond and have tried some of the most savory meals, besides Philly what other cities have an amazing food scene that would make you go back for a second trip? FC: New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Jamaica

TJWJ: I know I can’t stay away from a good sloppy burger or pulled pork when it presents itself. What are some of your foodie guilty pleasures? FC: Believe it or not, Hoagies, Sushi, & Cheese Fries (Hand-Cut).

Follow @foodchasers for more info

Follow @foodchasers for more info

TJWJ: The Food blogger scene has expanded dramatically, what are some tips you would give to food bloggers/influencers when they decide to visit restaurants? FC: When posting about a restaurant, you can be honest without being rude. We just believe this platform should not be used to tear down someone’s establishment.

TJWJ:  Do you alert the restaurants that you will be visiting or do you just pop and post your review afterwards? FC: 95% of the time we just pop up. 5% we have built a relationship with them after our initial post and have developed a good relationship with them.

TJWJ: I see you two are also well experienced in the kitchen, what made you decide to feature your own prepared meals? FC: That’s something that took a life of its own. We always like trying food from our chases and putting our own twist to it. The feedback from our following and friends just encouraged us to post more home cooked meals too.

Follow @foodchasers for more info

Follow @foodchasers for more info

TJWJ:  Tell me about a recent hidden gem you chased in Philly and why was it so “worth the chase”? FC: Sketch Burger, Iannelli’s Bakery (Chicken Parm Stromboli and Filet Mignon Stromboli), Stockyard (Braised Beef Sandwich), Sancho Pistola’s (Lobster Tacos, Prickly Drink, & Nachos), Barry Buns, & Sweet Nectar (Chocolate Chip Cookies & Sweet Potato Cheesecake).

TJWJ: If tomorrow was your last day on earth and you could only pick one restaurant from any where in the world to have your last meal, where would it be and why? FC: We plea the 5th 😉. We’ve eaten at over 1,000 restaurants it’s just too hard to think of one.

TJWJ: You two run your business anonymously, are you women or are you men or is that part of the fun mystery? FC: Apart of the mystery 😉😉.

TJWJ:  Any upcoming projects? FC: Yes, a sauce line, a cookbook, food events, & feature more restaurants overseas.

TJWJ: What does Food Chasers hope to accomplish in the years to come? FC: We hope to build a household name of where to find good food and how to make good food. We just want to encourage people to spotlight hard working chefs and their establishments.

You can keep up with FoodChasers and their amazing foodie experiences by following them on Instagram @foodchasers and make sure you download their app on iTunes .

Photo Credit: @Foodchasers

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