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Cocktails & Convos: 5 Tips On How To Be Greedy & Cute While On A Date


If you follow me on Instagram (thejuicewithjae) you know I am not one to hold back a meal from anyone. Why rob myself of a good time just because I am trying to impress. I joined in on a conversation with a few ladies and the topic came up of how to do you ” tear your plate up” and still be cute on a date.

I find this so funny but yet useful because I am not starving just because I am on a date. Duh its a date you are suppose to be your authentic self. So if you don’t normally order salad you better go ahead and order that steak, I mean he is picking up the bill at the end, so enjoy lol.

So I decided to compile a few cool tips that some might find very helpful and useful next time that menu approaches the table.


Order an appetizer that both of you can share… this can be fun and spark a little connection because you both get to make a mutual decision on an item you like, or it gives you a chance of trying something new together.

Opt out for the traditional wings and swing for the boneless buffalo wings, you can continue to eat your fave app without the mess because you can use a fork and ditch the wet wipes… So go ahead girl “get ya ranch dip on”.


Order an entree that comes with an amazing portion of meat and sides, this gives you a chance to pace your meal so again don’t just order a salad order the meal that comes with the option of a soup or salad thats definitely the win!

When a meal comes with an option of a soup or salad you have just doubled up big time and may have a chance to have a take home box… I never have a take home box because I just love to rock out.


Please and I beg of you do not order the same meal. Don’t be shy if he orders the steak you can definitely splurge for the burger and don’t be ashamed to add bacon. Just cut it in half  or in all fours and make mini sliders for yourself, so your big mess just turned into a mini treat.


We all get a little nervous on a date and wine sometimes may not do the trick. 2 cocktails minimum a Lemon Drop Martini or Cosmopolitan may get the job done and loosen you up and get that cool girl back in the groove. Treat yourself never cheat yourself.

Please ditch the option of a round of shots this is not a house party or a night out with the girls we all know how the story ends when the shots come out to play. No one needs a cameo from LMFAO and Lil Jon, so please hold the Henny.


Definitely order dessert! Even if you want to create another notch in that cute belt, order the dessert. Just this time tell the waiter/waitress to box it up so you can take it home.

Look at it this way if the date was great you have an amazing story to tell your friends over a cool treat. And if it went sour you still ended up with a sweet deal to cheer you up.

I hope you find these 5 tips useful, no one want to end up in the ER because they were trying to be cute on a date and not eat. Im pretty sure your outfit is way cuter than that itchy hospital dress with the butt out.

So go ahead girl get ya grub on!

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