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So with summer approaching us I know I am not the only one who is super excited to sit outside and enjoy some great food and colorful cocktails.

With that being said I also know that planning a great day out with girls can be a hassle when it comes time to pay the bill. Who ordered what, how many drink did she have, blah blah blah. It becomes a bit of a headache and you can instantly lose your buzz that was oh so great 5 minutes ago. 

I am pretty sure I am not the only chica who gets super annoyed when its time to pay and everyone becomes mathematicians or there are a billion credit cards on the table and the restaurant max on cards are 3 ( like who carries cash).

In the past 2 years we have be so gracious to be blessed with amazing apps that makes, spending cash and beyond so much easier. Thank you “App Gods” for making these amazing creations.

To help your dining experience much more fun, easier and hassle free. I have listed a few mobile Apps every Greedy Girl should have on her phone to keep the party going.

Square Cash 

One of my favorite apps! Like honestly like this one is definitely for the books and has literally brightened my life lol. No seriously. This app is super convenient and with the input of a phone number, email, or cash app name money can be sent instantly or transferred to your bank account the next day.

So don’t worry about not having cash, just send the cash app cash to your bestie for those lemon drops y’all just had to have and the night can still rock on.


Just like cash app this cool app allows you to transfer cash to friends and family and even has a really cool chat area if you just wanna have some cool conversation. But there is one annoying downfall and that is that your transactions are broadcasted on the chat room so be sure this is the app for you.

A great benefit about Venmo are that the fees are lower to transfer cash instantly. I mean a whopping .25 cents for any amount that you decide to transfer.


Paypal is another great money transfer system that has been in the game longer than some of the new additions. One great thing I like about Paypal is definitely the security options between you, friends, family and merchants.

The threshold is much higher when it comes to sending huge amounts of cash. Did you know they let you send up to $10,000.00 like whaaaat . lol. Also you can even send your girlfriend cash if she is abroad and needs to catch an uber after 2 too many glasses of wine.

Google Wallet

Hey if you have a google account, you can send money in this super cool feature called google wallet. How popping is this! I can send you an email and send you cash.

So if you and the girls are making plans via email just send that cash over and have dinner and drinks already worked out.  You must have a google account to access this feature.

Tip Calculator

This App is super important! SUPER!!! After drinks and food has been consumed you must tip the server. If you are not math friendly (raises hand) then this tool will help you tremendously. Just input how much your meal cost and then factor in the tip percentage and BAM this tip is calculated for you. GAME CHANGER!

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