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Tips & Trips: A Girls Guide To A Foodie & Fun Trip in New Orleans

One of my favorite cities I have completely fallen in love with is New Orleans, Louisiana. I had the chance to travel there for NBA All -Star Weekend back in 2016 and it was love at first sight. The food, the energy, the people, the culture I could go on and on about the amazingness of that city. One thing for sure that keeps this greedy girl going back for seconds and thirds is the abundance of delicious eateries and cuisines for days.

I recently took a trip back with one of my travel besties and even though the weather sucked we still managed to have an amazing weekend filled with fun and food. Since NOLA has now become the mecca of Girl’s Trip I have designed a guide to help you navigate through a weekend of FUN & FOOD

Where To Stay

There is so much going on in the city of New Orleans and your accommodations definitely play a role in how much you will be able to enjoy. Staying in the French Quarter or near is a MUST! We stayed at The Sheraton on 500 Canal Street and it was definitely a match made in heaven. Super close to shopping, eateries, trolley and of course good ole Bourbon Street. To be able to walk straight out of the hotel and smack dab into the middle of everything was a treat. The location was far enough not to hear the chaos but close enough to get all the way in the mix and not have to participate in a walk a thon to get back to your hotel. Don’t play yourself and end up at the airport because you and your girls were to cheap to swing something close enough to have a good time. Trust me those toes will thank you later.

What To Do

Now please ladies I need you to listen to me and definitely pace yourself. There is so much to do and you will not be able to consume everything in one weekend. Since I only planned to eat & drink followed by more eating and drinking it was actually really fun to partake in the other adventures of New Orleans.

Cemetery Tour

Our Cemetery tour group… The Voodoo Bone Lady Tour is the best

One of the historic things NOLA is know for is there cemetery’s. Being a city where the bodies are buried above ground it is such a site to see some of the amazing architecture. We decided on The Voodoo Bone Lady tours, it was highly recommended and had great reviews so we jumped on it. Definitely book tickets in advance they also have special discounts. Being as though the cemetery tour was only during the day time, this is a good way to start the day and it was a walking tour which was a bonus. I suggest grabbing a cocktail to enjoy during the walk before arriving to the cemetery ( liquor is prohibited inside of the cemetery).  The tour was very educational the main focus is about the history and legacy of the Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau ( #1 Voodoo Priestess in New Orleans).

Trolley Ride to Magazine Street

Enjoy a trolley car ride to Magazine street or the entire Canal Street

If you are all about discovering the beautiful scenery of New Orleans I encourage you to jump on a trolley and head to Magazine Street. They also give walking tours through the area as well. Me and my girlfriend decided to just jump on the trolley and be true tourist (during the day of course). If you love to shop this will definitely be a treat for there are blocks and blocks of vintage stores, boutiques and yummy eateries. There are also beautiful, and luxurious rows of homes to marvel and take pictures of during the walk.

Walk The Art District

Famous Street Jazz Musician entertaining the tourist

Filled with blocks and blocks of antique art galleries, boutiques and artist. You can literally just stroll and look at beautiful art align the street and catch a great band playing down the middle of the block. So much to be entertained by and best of all you don’t have to spend a dime.

Bourbon Street

A place where an adult can be an adult! Bourbon Street is one long path of booze, music, hundreds of people and a full on tribe of fun. Now if you’re homegirl isn’t for the crowds and drunk craziness leave her at the hotel, because you will need tolerance for the jungle. Bourbon Street is full of karaoke bars, bull riding, exotic dancers, outside intoxication and hours of chaos.

Where To Party

Bourbon Heat if you want to dance and I mean Juvenile “Back That Thang Up” dancing than you will love to hang at Bourbon Heat. Me and my girlfriend went back two nights in a row and had an awesome time each time, the DJ, the crowd was full of fun.

Girly Reminder * Ditch The Heels* again your toes will thank you later!

What To Eat

Of course I would save the best for last! From the morning to the wee hours of the night you will eating, snacking and munching and of course drinking every second of the day. I have only been twice and I still haven’t had the chance to enjoy all the delicious treats that the city has to offer. Here are some of my fave things you must indulge in while in New Orleans.

A PoBoy

A delicious crispy shrimp PoBoy

Filled with many things but my favorite of all are the fried shrimp accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes , mayo or remoulade on a crispy baguette or roll. Super bomb and I ate at least three during my stay. If there was a poboy on the menu ya girl was ordering one.


Vegetarian Jambalaya @ Pere Antoine Restaurant

A dish full of meat, seafood, rice and spices for days in a savory tomato sauce. Next to Gumbo this another well known dish that is a must try. For some reason I was on a serious fried food kick during the trip, but my girlfriend ordered the vegetarian version and her plate alone had me considering vegan if I could eat Jambalaya like that everyday.

Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp & Grits @ Desire Oyster House

This dish never gets old and always bursting with flavors. Shrimp & Grits hands down is the best version I have ever had. Filled with adouille sausage peppers and creole sauce will have you licking the bowl. Im telling you I was a bit embarrassed afterwards lol.


Beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde

A New Orleans favorite and of course another must order. A delicious pastry almost a reminder of a doughnut but a thousand times better. Doughy and covered in sugary powder and warmed to perfection puts the icing on the cake during your foodie adventure. Enough to share and make sure to accompany your dish with a nice mug of hot chocolate.

I hope you find these tips and options helpful during your trip to NOLA. Of course there is always more to explore and I know I have so much more to discover but this should be a great guide to begin with,

Have you been to New Orleans before? What your favorite thing to do and place to eat?

Images: By Me

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