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Do You Love It: 5 Reasons Why Beyonce’s “Formation” Video/Song Is Everything!

So in the middle of Saturday afternoon/evening The Queen decided to drop our jaws once again. Yes. Beyonce premiered her new song “Formation” which everyone has already coined as a “Black Lives Matter” anthem. At a time where tensions are running so high and race wars are at an all time high in the year of 2016 its was the perfect song to drop during Black History Month.

So many people may say that Beyonce doesn’t use her platform to raise enough awareness on world issues/black issues and I think this was the perfect way for her to use her status to make a statement. But what I love the most is how she uses women as the backbone for every song and video and Formation to take it to the next level. With Beyonce telling the world she totally doesn’t give a phuck anymore and I’m so here for every word.

Using New Orleans as the perfect back drop to this video makes her lyrics visually come to life. With “Stop Shooting Us ” spray painted on walls and drowning police cars there is so much powerful imagery in this video that conveys so many statements.

We could never forget Hurricane Katrina and the images used in the video reminds us everyday that Our Lives Do Matter but who do they matter to?  With Beyonce using her sassy lyrics and rump shaking attitude Formation is definitely a semi Motivating Trap Song.

Here are my 5 reasons why “Formation” gives me life over and over

  1. “Y’all Haters Corny With That Illiumanti Mess” – My favorite line in the beginning of the song because its so horrible to think people believe that the only way Blacks can gain success is by giving away their soul to a secret society… White people don’t talk about their own like that and if and when they do its behind close doors. People please get in formation.

  2. “You mix that negro with that creole that makes a texas bama”–  I am so here for her embracing her country-ness, it don’t get no blacker than Alabama I mean thats straight Fried Fish and grits every single day.

  3. ” I like my baby’s hair with baby hair and afros”– Yes! Embrace the fact that your child’s hair is beautiful in its natural state. Its like black women are so quick to throw a perm their kids hair, its nothing wrong with her embracing her coils and showing the world this is how I choose to let my child look.

  4. “I work hard and grind hard till I own it”– Put in the work and you will receive everything that is owed to you. And we must admit Beyonce gives you all that you were hoping to receive in album and performance. So if you want success you need to grind.

  5. “I Slay”– Build that confidence up and own everything in your being, Not just beauty and fashion, but in life. Be fearless in everything you do.

I could go on and on about how flawless this video and song is, but I just rather you watch it and fall in love over and over again.

Check out the video because I have a billion times

Images: Instagram/ Tumblr

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