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Exclusive Interview: Actress Stacy Ann Rose Talks HBO’s Ballers, Natural Hair, & Educatio


Wisdom, intelligence and diverse are the words I choose to describe actress Stacy Ann Rose. The Caribbean actress plays that sincere yet persistent Neurologist on The HBO series Ballers. With season two wrapping up last month I had a chance to catch up with the multi talented phenom who had the chance to tell me about how it felt to work alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, how her character is bringing diversity to the screen and why education is so beneficial while pursuing other passions.

JR: The season finale has wrapped up. How do you feel now that Ballers Season 2 has come to an end?

Stacy Rose: I think they have such a great story. I think the whole season went very well. I actually think the second season was better than the first season. I am even more excited to see what they will do with Season 3 since they were picked up to do another season. The hopes are high for the life of the series.

JR: With the season coming to an end we see that there maybe more of a storyline between you and Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). How did it feel to work with The Rock and the rest of the cast of Ballers?

SR: It’s such a blessing. When I auditioned for the project I had no idea who would also be apart of the cast. I didn’t know who was in it, as actors we just go in for the audition keep your head down and keep working. So for me pounding away and going to the auditions, even after I got the job I still didn’t know who the lead character would be.

The day I went to the set I said to myself “ I wonder who this guy will be” and low and behold it was The Rock and I was blown away. So just being on the set with Dwayne and the other cast members I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The entire team is just amazing. Im so blessed to be apart of this project.

JR: So I did my research and found out that you are super studious. You have obtained your Bachelors Degree and your Master’s Degree and you are also living out your dream of being an actress. How important is it for your to express how beneficial it is to get an education?

SR: When I was going through it I didn’t understand the point of it (laughs) I was always at the tail end of it. Growing up in the Caribbean and having traditional Caribbean parents when I told them I wanted to do theatre and act they looked at me as if I wasn’t even talking.

My parents just kept asking me what was I going to study. For them I needed a back up plan and that I needed to get a real job. So I needed to study business so I could get a job in case acting didn’t work out. So going through it I wasn’t happy about it in the beginning but now looking back I totally understand the importance of having a back up plan because this industry in general is a very tough one, It takes a long time to get where you want to go sometimes so having that back up is a plus.

Right now when I talk to my young actor friends I tell them “ its great to have something that can help you along the way”. If you need to work another job that will help you still earn a living while you are going on those auditions- do that. You need to be able to take that extra job that can help you so you can have money to get your hair done for that upcoming audition, pay for those headshots. So I encourage all of them to study and get something under your belt because it will be beneficial in the end.

So now looking back on the business side I learned so many things that really benefits me today. I now know accounting, and producing and dealing with contracts and figures and I learned that through studying business.

JR: In the show Baller’s your role wasn’t the typical role of a love interest or sex symbol. You are playing a Neurologist which is a top career and you are black female neurologist, How important is it for you to pick significant roles to audition for?

SR: You know for me as woman of color there aren’t many top roles for me to choose from where I am located in South East Florida. And as an actor you have to decide what path you want to take. We have to make some tough decisions when it comes down to it. So you make not work as much as your other actor friends because of the roles you decide to take. For me I am a mother, I am Christian, I host a Christian radio show it is difficult when it comes to selecting roles because I definitely want to do things I can be proud of. The industry is a tough one to navigate especially when looking for wholesome roles.

So where Dr. Roberts comes into play I have always been an advocate of seeing women being portrayed in a positive light. Generally we get the teacher, the nurse, the girlfriend, not often to you get to see a black woman in a role as a Neurologist but those roles are coming, We are starting to see more and more of these roles come into play.

So for me it was great to know that the producers had the foresight to choose a black woman to represent in this way- so that was one of the things that made me really excited about this project. From a personal standpoint to be given this platform it awesome for young girls to see a black woman play a Neurologist and thats another thing they can aspire towards. I was happy that I was able to contribute to society in that way to give young girls something to aspire to.

JR: While we also had the chance to see a woman of color play a neurologist we also witnessed your character being a woman who wore her hair in it’s natural state and not under a wig throughout the series. How did it feel to be able to add that authentic piece to your character?

SR: You know again I have to thank the executives and crew at HBO. I’m just so thankful that they allowed that freedom. They were very accepting of what I bought to the camera which is being  known and I feel like finally black women are being understood I feel like for so long we weren’t understood and now we are being recognized and given the freedom to revel in our beauty. I think its fantastic and here again we have a great picture for young girls to watch. The industry is changing and we can finally let black women just be.

JR: You wear many hats in the entertainment industry and have put your business degree to use with how you market yourself in this industry. Let’s talk about your other  upcoming projects

SR: Radio is something that has been in me as well, and since I was about 15 that I always loved radio and I remember calling a radio station and asking if they would need my help and when a new station came in town my name was passed on and the rest was history. I love being on the radio and telling stories . And  in 2017 I am  producing a project called Break the Stage. So some years ago me and my friends decided that we wanted to create our own content called Break The Stage which is along the lines of Stomp The Yard with a lot of dancing. Its a fun story its inspiring its about friendship and competition and love. Its going to be a really cool and fun film.

Keep up with Stacy Ann Rose on social media @stacyannrose.

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