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Exclusive Interview: Brave Williams Talks New EP “Fearless” & R&B Divas LA


Brave Williams is an amazing singer, songwriter and all around beauty inside and out. No newcomer to the music industry Brave Williams has been moving and shaking for a long time. From competing on musical reality shows like “Diddy’s Making The Band“, to becoming an opening act for Beyonce during her Sasha Fierce Tour, Brave Williams lives up to her name.

I was uber excited to finally chat with her because I am huge fan of reality television and an avid watcher of R&B Divas LA so I definitely wanted to learn more about her. I lived in Baltimore while in college so we had a chance discuss the tragedy thats going on, along with all her upcoming and exciting projects like her new EP… Check it out!

JR: I lived in Baltimore for about 5 years myself and I have been watching the news along with the rest of the world…Being from Baltimore MD, what are your thoughts on the events of the Freddy Gray incident?

Brave Williams: Honestly, I am happy to see the positive things that are coming from the situation. The things that I have been witnessing are a lot of love on the streets of Baltimore, and people are coming together. You know it’s not just a black or white thing, or police brutality, im now seeing Asain people and Indian people, and gay and straight people and old people and young people come together and have converstions about how to heal our city on a real level. So it’s been a lot of love.

JR: What would you like people to know about Baltimore,other than the images they witness on the news?

Brave Williams: We are a resilient city, I know that every city has their areas that could be built up more but we are a city that are willing to come together regardless of what is shown in the media. There are a lot of strong people in the city that care about it, and I wish that regardless of what is exposed in the media they would also show those moments of the good things. I mean we had one of the largest marches with all of the pastors of the church and all of the clergy and the congregations of the church getting out in the street and singing old gospels and marching and it was an amazing thing to see and be apart of. Its is those things I would like people to know because it will help makeup the fabric of our city.

JR: You are no stranger to reality television; you were once competing with other hungry contestants on Diddy’s Making The Band. Was there any comparison between your journey on Making The Band and R&B Divas LA?

Brave Williams: Well yes, with “Making The Band” your in an individual competition to try to be apart of something so your competitng with other vocalist,other artist and your trying to make your place known and you want them to know that you want to be there and hope that your good enough that they want to keep you there. With R&B Divas LA I feel like we come together almost competing not against each other but with each other to keep R&B music alive. I mean look at the title of the show “R&B” we are fighting to keep R&B relevant. I know that regardless of how much of the music wasn’t shown the show always went back to finding it’sway to touch on the music and I can only respect that.

JR:Where there alot of overcoming challenges  on R&B Divas LA?

Brave Williams: Absolutely, I’m a newcomer to reality tv in that sense of this type of filming. Making The Band you were there for the competition and then the cameras would leave, if you were in the house you were on such a diligent schedule in terms of the arts like being in the studio, your mind was focused on one specific activity. With R&B Divas the cameras are constantly there, and for me being around women it definitely bought a type of pressure and different dynamic especially when your trying to get to know someone you have a genuine time to get to know them, and with reality tv it’s expediously growing and you have to try and get to know these women at a quicker pace. And that definitely can add extra pressure and dynamic, and I really didn’t know what to expect.

JR: For those who don’t know you were the creator of the R&B group RichGirls…Let’s talk about the creation and dynamics of the singing group.

Brave Williams: It was beautiful, I made sure that when I was putting the group together, that I sought after women who had kindred spirits like myself so for me it was about creating a sisterhood and I definitely accomplished that with them. I chose women that were strong in their faith, rich and had talent and reaching the passions to want to see their talent and wanting to win. So for us it was just a fun filled exciting time in our lives.

JR: On the relationship with current RichGirl member Sevyn Streeter

Brave Williams: we definitely keep in touch we actually just did a panel together in DC. The panel was a women’s brunch where we were able to speak to the women and encourage the ladies and convey those messages that if there is something that you a are passionate about they need to find the strength to just do it regardless of whatever set backs or circumstances. But it was great to be on the panel with her and seeing her, I still talk to all my girls, we never left the situation with any turmoil.

JR: Talk about your experience with RichGirl and being an opening act for the Beyoncé Sasha Fierce Tour

Brave Williams: It was amazing, being on Beyoncé’s tour was one of the highlights of my career. You learn so much in such a little period of time, not just about the business but about the art of performing. I think that with that situation it helped me grow so fast in terms of knowing what I wanted to do and how I want to execute my shows as a solo artist. It was a phenomenal experience.

JR: Let’s talk about your new EP “fearless”

Brave Williams: Yes! I am getting ready to release it and I am super excited right now. My new single Road Trippin which is out right now on iTunes and I am encouraging everyone to support and download it. The EP was titled “Fearless” because I have been in music for a very long time and starting from being on MTV “Making The Band” and the group RIchGirl and now being apart of TVOne’s R&B Divas LA [reality show] there’s a lot of high’s and lows along this journey, not just as a musician but anyone that wants to be in entertainment this business is going to require faith and one thing that I learned throughout the highs and lows of this journey is that fear has never told me the truth and in those moments where I could have listened to fear I tried my best and due diligence not to because one thing that fear projected was never really what my reality was. So I like to encourage people who are really passionate about what they want to do that you have to have a fearless mindset in order to do it. So Fearless was the perfect word to title the EP.

JR:  We didn’t see much of your personal life when it came to love on R&B Divas…Through your music will the fans get a sneak peek into your love life?

Brave Williams: Definitely, for me the EP is like the perfect marriage of Hip Hop & R&B, I’m giving you the rap, I’m giving you spoken word, I’m giving you R&B, I am giving you my story. It’s a taste of Brave, yes there are some songs speaking to the break up, then of course you have the sexy song “Road Trippin”, then you have songs that talk about just going out with my friends and partying. There is something on this EP for everyone.

So to end this amazing conversation, I know you are a huge fan of poetry. What’s one of your favorite poems that speaks to you and who you are becoming

Brave Williams: Maya Angelou “Phenomenal Woman”.

To check out all things Brave Williams head over to her site

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