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Exclusive Interview : Karen Civil Gives Tips About The Industry & More


So it is no secret that my favorite person who I love to watch maneuveur through the entertainment industry is none other than digital strategist/author/ speaker Karen Civil. From her boss moves to her dope work ethic and her motivating spirit I am deeply in love with this women. Everything she touches turns into pure gold, I know it’s cliche but its super true, she has put so many artist on and has capulted so many brands you must give credit when credit is due.

Anyway, when I heard that Karen Civil would be sashaying her way through Philadelphia it was a no brainer that I had to hear her speak and pick up all the jewels I knew that she would be dropping. But the icing on the cheesecake was when I was approved for press so my excitement went from yaaay to “look at gawd”.

I had a chance to chat with Karen at The Brown Girls Building Brands event that was created by Philly native and fitness afficiando Zakia Blain of F**k Being Fat, and it was everything I imagined… Check out the interview and the cool tips she gave.

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