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Exclusive Interview: Musiq Soulchild Introduces “The Husel” & Hustle Music


I had the amazing opportunity to chat briefly with “The Husel” via phone and I now have a better understanding of what and who “The Husel” is. During our talk we spoke about topics ranging from inspiration to today’s music. Check it out.

Lets discuss the meaning behind “Husel Music”

The Husel: It’s the title of the album, it’s honestly self-explanatory. Here’s the thing about The Husel a lot of stuff is very self- explanatory, there is no deep meaning behind it. The album is just my introduction of a new sound.The whole idea behind the name “The Husel” is for anybody out there trying to doing something for themselves whether it be a 9-5 (job), you’re a journalist or a blogger, a DJ, you work at the radio station, whatever it maybe… whoever you are your on your hustle your grinding and your making it happen for yourself. So me as an artist im putting music to that.

I want to clarify something for some people…Do you still acknowledge Musiq Soulchild or do you only answer to The Hustle.

TH: Don’t get me wrong I’m still me, but I need people to just respect the process and respect what I am doing. So since this is what I thought was an interview about “The Husel” I am not going to speak about Musiq Soulchild and vice versa. If we are talking about all things Musiq Soulchild you can’t bring up The Husel. I just want people to respect my artistry and and acknowledge what is going on at the moment. That’s all I ask.

How do you tap into the elements of rap and R&B and meshing them together.

TH: Well here is the thing, I’m not rapping. I’m definitely using a method of hip hop culture, and the elements of southern hip hop culture to be exact. It’s due to the fact that I am out here in Atlanta and im being influenced by that and as a artist I always want to contribute to whatever position im in that moment and that’s just a sign of respect.

Speaking on people misunderstanding The Husel

TH: I know it’s challenging with people trying to wrap their head around it and I get that. But its really just different parts of who I am, no different than you act one way when your at your job and then you act a different way when your at the crib (home)- or you act a different way around your friends it’s as simple as that.

Were you excited to reveal The Husel and also try something new?

TH: It’s always exciting but it also wasn’t anything new to me. The exciting part was that I chose to take the opportunity to start introducing to people the different sides of my artistry that was always there. It was just that in the past I didn’t think I had a platform where I could do it and people would receive it well.

What is about Southern music that inspires you?

TH: You know I never looked at it that way. Just the way it sounds, and some of the elements and your personality as that may be a concern because you have to get into it. This sound can be really cool, don’t get me wrong I am aware that it is a lot of destructive elements in the sound of music, being that it comes from that Trap culture, drug culture, or that stripper culture look who am I to judge.

I simply as an artist want to just make that connection with the people, because its an audience for this sound- its people that only listen to this type of music or sound and they don’t listen to anything else. So when people say I shouldn’t be doing the Husel, my answer is well how do I connect with the people that want to turn up and listen to southern music. Am I not supposed to entertain them?

I see that The Husel rocks with using Auto-tune

TH: I really think that people have this whole concept of auto tune messed up, I look at this way people say you don’t need auto tune because you can sing-people like to pick and choose what’s important or what has priority over the next… You don’t have that authority, so if you don’t like auto tune that’s cool but maybe The Hustle is not for you and that’s totally fine but im not going to compromise my integrity.

On southern music being very popular

TH: Im using the most popular sound at the time and that’s southern music. I say that not because it just my opinion but because that’s my observation. Everytime I turn on the radio, or check social media, or if I go to the club- most of the sound I hear is this. I don’t hear a lot of R&B, jazz, I don’t hear any other form of music but this (southern music). Everybody want to turn up now- cool im going to follow the music, that’s part of my job.

Collaborating with other artist

TH: Yea I plan to collaborate with artist that are out today, but on the album Husel Music there is a mixture of past artist that are still around that people need to know are still dope. I also have artist you don’t know who you should know about. So there is a good mixture of music.

Talk about your experience being a guest instructor at the Microsoft store in St. Louis via Skype

TH: That was cool, that’s a representation of what I’m really here for. I’m not here for the attention, the money, or the big rewards. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all of it, because they all have there purpose but im really here to inspire people the best possible way.

Who is Purple Wonder Luv?

TH: Every time I introduce a new person to you guys it’s isolated from the others. If I could actually be different people I would, but that just sounds insane so I just keep it for whatever it is and I’m just showing different sides of myself.

Any more new projects, tours, shows etc…

TH: Yea definitely, everything is still new so I’m doing my best to give people time to wrap their heads around it. I don’t want to pump to much at them, but you can definitely bet that I plan to go full throttle with this. I feel like The Hustle needs to be on the road. It’s time to turn up and inspire some people.

Are you feeling The Husel?

Photos Courtesy: The Husel Instagram

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