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Exclusive Interview: “Power” Tv Star Rotimi Speaks About Hardwork & New Music


While at the 14th Annual Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Basketball game I also ran into one of my new favorite actor’s Rotimi, whostars as “Dre”  in the hit scripted show “Power”.

Some may not know but Rotimi is not new to the spotlight, known for being an awesome R&B crooner first and actor second Rotimi dropped some gems on how he balances his two strengths and what we can expect from him in the future.

Check out what he had to say about balancing his two talents

I have an amazing team, and I just believe in myself . And I sacrifice a lot of the fun stuff to just work because I know where I’m trying to be and I know what I want to accomplish. So I just eliminate all the bull, really.

Speaking on hard work & discipline

I think you have to choose whats important to you and go for it and dedicate basically your life to it. Surround yourself around great people. Jamie Foxx told me this when I first started acting ” trust my intuition”. Like trust your intuition, trust your first instinct and you should be good.

Speaking on upcoming music

I have a new project out right now called “Summer Bangers” and I took old-school Hip Hop and made it 2016. Its (Summer Bangers) doing super well over the internet and my EP is coming out at the end of September so its just a beautiful progression with everything.

You can catch Rotimi on Sunday nights at 9pm on the hit show “Power” on the Starz network. And for music and more you can follow him at @rotimimusic on social media.

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