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Got Juice: Q & A With Comedian TuRae About Soul Comedy @ Warmdaddys & His Foodie Guilty Pl


As most of you know, I do all of my networking and connecting via Instagram, thats reserved for a future post later but the joy and opportunities I have received are amazing. A few days ago I had a the opportunity to visit the soulful restaurant Warmdaddys for a night of laughter and comfort food. Comedian TuRae Gordon who is no stranger to the stage or our television screen has been hosting this gut busting comedy show ” Soul Comedy” for 3 years with continuos sold out crowds.

For the past few weeks he and I connected on Instagram for our love food and being greedy. I reached out to him to see if we could chat about his upcoming projects, Soul Comedy and all things delicious and fatty. He invited me out for a night of laughter and I am so happy I accepted the invitation. If you are ever in need of some great plans please buy tickets to Soul Comedy which is hosted on Wednesday nights at Warmdaddys and treat your self to a night of fun with some great comedians and even greater food.

Check it out…p.s Greedy Girl Chronicles post coming soon.

TJWJ: What is Soul Comedy? TuRae: Soul Comedy is the best of live stand up and classic cuisine

TJWJ: What made you decide to host Soul Comedy in Philadelphia and at Warmdaddys Restaurant?

TuRae: Well Philadelphia is where I am from, I wanted to give back to the city that gave me so much. I decided on Warmdaddys because it was already a established venue, black ownership was a plus and the willingness to have cooperation with the venue just made for a great collaboration.

 TJWJ: Your are about to celebrate your 3rd year with Soul Comedy how happy are you with the success?

TuRae: Im blown away! I’m astounded every week they we are able to come into this establishment weekly for 3 years and do some of the bestlive stand up comedy shows that have ever been done.


TJWJ: Here at Soul Comedy you are shining the light on other comedians, I’m interested in knowing what makes TuRae laugh?

TuRae: Like normal stuff. I would definitely say everyday life makes me laugh, peoples reaction to it and how we deal with strife. This is probably shocking to some people but I’m kind of easy, im not to intricate in my humor. But when it comes to the stage its more of communication because I’m able to talk to everyone.

TJWJ: Who are some comedians you enjoy watching?

TuRae: Michael Che (SNL), Leonard Ouzts… Til this day some of my favorite comedians are range from the comedia “Talent” to Richard Pryor.

TJWJ: What is the Philadelphia Comedy College all about?

TuRae: Philadelphia Comedy College is a 10 week course that is designed to basically a comedy workshop fo anyone interested in doing comedy on a professional level. So we started at Freedom Theatre last year and it became something very large and very successful. But where it was was very new, we taught the class before at the laff house almost seven years ago and to have it come to Freedom Theatre was new and then the success of the course became very big very quick. This is a course I am very proud of and it is very helpful for any comedian at any level.

People can follow up with all things about The Philadelphia Comedy college on Facebook, we offer two semesters a year, 10 weeks and we help people transition from where they are in comedy now to where they want to be.


TJWJ: You and I connected via Instagram over our love for food, can you name a few of your favorite restaurants in Philly?

TuRae:  Its a small spot called Cafe Nola thats one of my favorite spots, I love California Pizza Kitchen, The Blue Jay its a great breakfast spot, El Camino Real  in Northern Liberties, and one of my new spots that I just found out about is Las Margaritas in the Northeast, Im a foodie man, Jordan Johnson Gourmet Seafood and thats definitely one of my favorite spots to dip into and have a meal.

TJWJ: If this was your last day on earth, would what you request for a final meal?

TuRae: Oh thats hard, its a toss p between Johns Pizzeria in New York and a trip to Deanie’s in New Orleans

TJWJ: What city would you say is your favorite foodie city?

TuRae: New Orleans is my favorite hands down, I get fat in New Orleans, I eat everything in New Orleans, I dont drink coffee but I was at Cafe Du Monde just for the beignets, like it is purely amazing.

TJWJ: What is one of your foodie guilty pleasure?

TuRae: Popeyes popcorn shrimp, and I don’t eat the chicken. I literally go to Popeyes only order the popcorn shrimp go home and don’t have anything for anyone else.

TJWJ: What is next for TuRae?

TuRae: Trying to make TuRae the best comedian he needs to be. Im looking forward to working with Kevin Hart, later this year I will be taping a comedy special that he will be producing so thats something major im working on. I am releasing my comedy album in April called “Join The Laughter” and of course keeping Soul Comedy in action.

You can keep up with Comedian TuRae by following him on social media @comedybyturae and visiting his website

Images by Jasmine Mason

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