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Jae Rich X Kimo Bentley Natural Skin Care


Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce that I have received my first brand ambassador partnership with Kimo Beauty All Natural Beauty and I am super hype. This year has definitely had some amazing highs and definitely deserve celebration. I received the opportunity a few months back and I couldn’t believe that I was even asked to take on such an amazing task.

For those who are unaware Kimo Bentley All Natural Beauty was created by Kimo Bentley herself. She is totally my definition of black girl magic because she truly does it all. Her line is available for purchase in Walgreens in certain locations. She has also been featured in Essence, Black Enterprise and more.

I am so honored to be one of the many faces of her line. Honestly as a child I battled with acne and like others I was suckered into using products like pro active and other products. Now as an adult I battle with more dry skin especially in the winter season. It is so amazing to actually speak with the person behind the brand and really get insight on what products will be awesome for my skin from facial cleansers to lip scrubs.


So in these next few month you will see plenty of post and my reviews about my favorite products.

Here is a little info about Kimo and the Kimo Bentley Skin Care Line.

Kimo  Bentley who is a licensed esthetician has spent the past 17 years working alongside world renowned plastic surgeons, gaining both experience and knowledge in the skincare and cosmetic industry. Trained in hair transplants, scalp exfoliating treatments, skin rejuvenation, laser for face and body treatments as well as cutting edge laser liposuction and awake breast augmentations. Kimo took her skills and passion for natural skin care and created the Kimo Bentley All Natural Beauty Line.

Please stay tuned.

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