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Just Throw It In The Bag: Why I love UberEats

In My World#UberEats Credits Are Like PayPal Deposits

As DMX said “you been eating long enough now stop being greedy, keep it real patna give to the needy”… X I heard you and that’s what I’m doing,…

Not only do I love to use Uber to get around time any day and anytime, I also love that at any given time you can now order from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to you. I can’t explain how many times UberEats have come through in a clutch to satisfy a nasty craving of a good ole Surf N Turf Burger from one of my Philly go to restaurants Route 23 Cafe (check out previous post).

I mean whoever is sitting in that Uber Corporate office with their feet up jotting down these ideas are pure genius. I know there has been plenty of nights where I could be craving my favorite pasta dish or in dire need of a taco but had no desire to leave the comforts of my home to go out an get it. But then BAM God heard our hungry cries and created UberEats and just with click of a download and some credit card info you cravings are satisfied, and the options are endless.

Now where UberEats has changed the game and stepped it all the way up is allowing you to earn credits when you promote your UberEats code to first time users. Not only does the customer receive $10 off of their first order you too will receive $5 off of your next order which could easily cover that delivery fee (that I think is pretty steep).

So the little greedy entrepreneur in me jumped for joy and clicked my heels when to my amazement people do use that code. I been tweeting left and right and before I knew I was getting rack on racks on racks of UberEats Credit. Baaallin!!!!

So next time your on your app just click the side bar, select “free food” and tweet your code…. And as a bonus here is mine eats-jae549ue. The reward is pretty delicious if you ask me

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