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Ladies Night: Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out

Back by popular demand is one of my favorite events “Soiree In The Cities”. Presented by celebrity event planner  Ebony Edwards Soiree In The Cities is one the must attend events in Philadelphia. This sip, shop and mingle event takes place on September 16, 2017 and  brings out hundreds of women every year. Filled with socialites, influencers and moguls Soiree In The Cities has become of thee most highly anticipated events for women. Not to be coined as just another networking event Soiree In The Cities brings the glam, the spotlight and the over the top to whole new level of entertainment.

With over 50 vendors to shop with from spa services, to fashion and beauty Soiree In The Cities will literally bring “shop to you drop” to life. With  live music and and overflow of libations and tasty treats this sip and see and mix and mingle will be sure to bring together some magical memories for the summer.

For more information on this fabulous event check out my recent post and visit the website for more info and to purchase tickets

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