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Movie Alert: “Secrets” The Movie Host Advance Screening in Philadelphia


Im so excited that I was given the opportunity to attend and cover the private screening for the new movie “Secrets”. Written by Philadelphia native Jahmar Hill (Brotherly Love) and directed by Juwan Lee. The private screening was held at the Kimmel Center here in downtown Philadelphia and people came out to see what the movie ‘Secrets was all about”.

The film follows the story of a successful businessman who has a sexual appetite larger than what’s on his plate at home. After exploring his options outside the home, complete chaos erupts and our main character is left sorting and trying to piece his relationship back together.

The movie features an amazing cast of familiar faces from Denise Boutee ( Why Did I Get Married), Harold “House” Moore (Single Ladies), and Denyce Lawton. The seductive movie was adapted from the page turning book “Secrets Of A Housewife” written by author J Tremble. The movie is set to release at the end of the month but for now the cast and crew are taking the movie on the road with pop up screenings in major cities.

Influencers and Philadelphia natives aligned the Kimmel Center for an amazing round up of pictures of the cast and entertainment influencers. I had such a ball taking flicks and talking to some of the cast of the movie. There were swag bags given to attendees and there was a special Q&A after the movie ended, in which the entire cast gave some insights about the movie and more.

Check out some pics


The Cast of “Secrets” along with the writer Jahmar Hill and Director Juwan Lee


Entertainment Influencer Charlie Mack


Radio Personality Mia Mendez


Social Media Influencer & Entrepreneur Dana Chanel


Snapped a photo with Fox’s Empire cast member Tobias Truvillion

My Review: I must say this movie was actually very entertaining. I actually was able to pick up on a lot clues throughout the movie so I wasn’t super surprised by the ending, but the drama and suspense made for great audience reactions. I can honestly say that this movie was very realistic almost everyone can relate to someone keeping a secret rather it be a small or big one. Im also very sure that everyone can relate to family secrets that have turned the family dynamics upside down. Well this movie had plenty of that going on.  The movie also had a bit of everything, some comedic scenes, some very hot and heavy scenes and of course some jaw dropping and eye rolling moments.

That Harold House Moore was definitely the eye candy of the movie but definitely was not everyone’s favorite character. But like most men he battled with the infidelity vice and also like most men he had to find out the hard way that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

I actually had my girlfriend tag along with me to the event and I must say the movie made for great conversation on our way home.

I could definitely see this movie on Netflix and would make for an awesome movie night throughout the winter.

Please grab your tickets and and for more information contact Maggy Francois to see when the tour will be hitting your city.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and views are my own.

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