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New Show Alert: Fox Network Presents “My Kitchen Rules”


Omg I’m a little late to the dinner party, but have you all been able to watch the new show My Kitchen Rules on Fox? The show is super funny and entertaining. The unscripted cooking show features a cast of celebrities facing off against each other to throw the ultimate dinner party. The show features duos of siblings, couples, friends, and mother and son.

Celebrities featured on the series include Lance Bass, Brandy & Ray J, Andrew Dice Clay, Brandi Glanville and Naomi Judd. With escalating rounds of competition, the celebrity duo with the lowest score at the end of each round will be eliminated. The last two teams standing will battle it out in the final round for a pressure-cooker evening during which they will prepare and present their ultimate dining menu. In the end, only one team will survive the heat, the drama and the right to claim MY KITCHEN RULES.”The unscripted cooking series will pit celebrity duos against each other as they cook and critique each other’s food, in Hollywood homes. The teams will take turns hosting intimate dinner parties with a menu designed to impress their rival competitors and two professional chef judges, Curtis Stone (“Top Chef Masters”) and Cat Cora (“Iron Chef America”).

It’a only been two episodes and I am so hooked, I love watching the celebrities show their cooking skills but even more I love the petty drama that erupts at the dinner table, that Brandi Glanville ( Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills) is a mess for sure lol. My favorite duos so far are definitely Naomi Judd and her husband, Lance Bass and his adorable mother and of course Brandy & Ray J. These homes are also super fantastic, and the meals that these teams are pulling out look super amazing. Right now I’m hoping Ray J and Brandy along with Lance Bass and his mother get to stay to the end, I would love to see them battle it out at the end.

Please make sure to set your DVR for this deliciously funny show that comes on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Fox.

Photo Images: Fox Network Instagram

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