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Tourist In The City: Fun Things To Do In Chicago In 48 Hours

Hey Everyone, with the days being longer in the summertime I believe a quick change of scenery can do the body very good. About a week ago I had the most refreshing quick getaway to Chicago to visit my best friend for over 10 years. She has been living out there for almost two years and I finally had a chance to pack my bags and go visit and it was so worth it.

Sometimes people think you need a super long week to explore a destination and in some situations that maybe true. It is also very doable to make a quick weekend your best weekend yet if you plan accordingly. Even though I only spent a weekend in Chicago it was full of lip smacking restaurants, camera catching moments and enough history to tell stories for the entire summer.

My goal was definitely to eat because Chicago is one of the best foodie city’s I have had a chance to visit Check out my previous post .

My girlfriend lived in the Hyde Park which was the cutest section in Chicago.  and her apartment was in walking distance of some amazing eatery’s which made me very happy.

If you are in Chicago I named a few fun things I had a chance to do in just two days



A Chicago staple. If you are looking for the best Deep Dish Pizza this is a must visit restaurant. Luckily for me this gem wasn’t far away and was actually was in walking distance from where I stayed during my visit. We lucked up and the place was pretty empty so we were able to put our order in pretty quickly. Just an FYI it takes 40 minutes for a deep dish to be prepared so be ready to wait a while. If you are super hungry you might want to throw in a few appetizers.

Places To Party

During my visit I had the opportunity to go the House Of Blues to a party that was being held there. Awesome venue with an abundance of space. The event I attended was strictly for dancing at this spot was perfect for the occasion. Music acts usually are featured here so if you are look for a night of live entertainment House Of Blues would be perfect for a night out.

Tourist Attractions

The Historic Chicago Bean | Mostly used for fun pictures

So if you are ever in Chicago for a short period of time, you still can make some fun memories and stay within the budget.

Ever been to Chicago? Where did you hang?

Images By Me

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