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TV Junkie: BET Criminals At Work

So I have been a little behind and haven’t been posting about some of my fave shows that have been keeping me glued to the television and this show in particular always keeps me entertained “Criminals At Work“. Presented by BET Network this show is too good and good enough to not make me ever want to return to an office environment.

The show is based around true life events that have taken place with individuals in the work force and their co-workers who have gone bat ish crazy. The stories all end in tragic, and are told from the perspectives of family members, former co-workers, detectives and journalist. The stories have rattled cities and have made the front page of most of our city papers and even  national news. This may seem really bad but the story adds intensity once I find out that the suspect/ suspects are black. [Now someone just read that sentence and said “me too”].

Anyway, they have showed stories about con artist, murder for hire, shoot outs at the cookie factory and more. you must check out this show.  The very episode was about at incident that happened right here in my City Of Brotherly Love.  The show premiere’s  every Wednesday at 10pm

Check Out The Trailer

Photo Credit: BET Instagram

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