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TV Junkie: The People Vs. OJ Simpson Series

Man I am hooked! So I missed the first episode  of the new series The People vs. OJ Simpson that comes on the FX network Tuesday nights at 10pm.  Thanks to Xfinity On Demand I was able to watch the 1st episode just in time to be on board with the 2nd episode and oh man it is too good. The writing is great, its get a little side eye from me from time to time but in all its a good show.

Now i was about 7 years old when this case went down but I remember my grandmother taping every court case on VHS [throwback]. So the only things I knew about this case is what the media showed, which was that beloved football player O.J Simpson was accused of murdering his white wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend and it was this mysterious leather glove that linked OJ to the crime amongst other evidence. But bad ass lawyer Johnny Cochran got I’m off with the infamous line “if the glove doesnt fit you must aquit” and O.J was found not guilty.

Well speed it up almost 20 years and they have bought the infamous case to television with an all star cast and this show is definitely my weekly fix until Shonda Rhimes hits the scene again. With Cuba Gooding Jr. playing O.J and John Travolta, Courtney B. Vance and David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian the show was pretty spot on with casting if you take a look at the original people.

However I must say that I’m not surprised that they found way to make The Kardashians a main character in this story, from my knowledge they were all super young when this case happened so the camera time they are receiving is fairly odd. The dad played a big part but they are making it bigger than it needs to be.

This rollercoaster of a story and trial is very eye catching and will have you rushing to the tv comparing facts with fiction… I must admit every time they examine the case I google to find out if the actual events happened or did they beef it up for tv.

Check out the trailer

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