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Will You Be Watching: Rihanna To Perform At The 58th Grammy Awards

The 58th Grammy Awards are soon approaching and the talk of it all is that Rihanna will be rocking the stage. Now I love me some Badgirl  Rih Rih because she is very entertaining and of course her sick style is not to be played with, But I must say I am not the first to run out and grab a pair of tickets to see her perform live.

But her new album ANTI is beyond amazing and I am sure she will put on one heck of a show. Fans have been waiting for months on top of months for new music and I’m sure this performance will take our breath away. It is rumored that she maybe performing her new song “Work” so this could be a very entertaining night.

The Grammy’s seems as though they may have a watcher in me this year… usually I flip back and forth between the awards and my favorite reality show that may be on at the same time. But the line up seems really good this year, and Kendrick Lamar is taking the stage and I really enjoy his music, so we will see.

Will you be watching?

The 58th Grammy Awards will be premiering on February 15th on CBS at 8pm.

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